1985 Norseman 447

1985 Norseman 447
Any sailor seeking a timeless designed passagemaker with the capabilities to take their dreams to any destination in luxurious comfort must have this boat on the top of their list. 


Designed by Bob Perry to be a thoroughly modern approach to the cruising yacht design. The Norseman 447 sleek hull form is moderate with emphasis on sailing length and stability. A lead ballast is located in the very bottom of the wide fin keel increasing her stability while the rudder on a large skeg makes the helm light and extremely well balanced. 

Below the interior layout and craftsmanship is a superlative example of the modern yacht. Finished bow to stern in an attractive balance of fine teak joiner work and satin formica. Six Goiot hatches and 10 stainless steel opening ports fill every interior space with natural light and airflow. 

And Hull #55 is unique, she substitutes a large study, shelving, and a hidden vanity sink that shares the forward cabin instead of a head. 

We can’t get enough of this yacht! Every hatch, shelf and angle was methodically planned and eloquently constructed. A Yacht like “Sophie” will be swept up… so what are you waiting for? 


Price:  $149,000

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