Corsair 970 Sport

Corsair 970 Sport
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The Corsair 970 Sport retains the hallmark of the Corsair 31: speed, performance, safety, reliability and ease of trailering. However the Corsair 970 Sport takes all of these features to the next level, with the addition of extreme style and comfort.

The hulls and deck have been structurally reinforced with carbon fiber, increasing construction strength and reducing weight. The floats molded seamless designed with more buoyancy forward and level with the bow to reduce cavitation or fluid resistance on the lee float.

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A rotating carbon mast foils the apparent wind over a Doyle Aramid laminate full-battens, triple stitched reinforced, triple reef, square-top mainsail.When dropping, a Harkin fast-track guides the sail down swiftly into a Doyle stack pack. The furling jib is of the same sail material and has vertical battens. There is a Racing screecher on a continues furler and a racing spinnaker also included in this package offer.

Below,the deck has been built higher for increased headroom (6’2”) and overall volume. Two cabins are situated on opposite ends of the boat. Large windows, skylights, and port lights throughout the interior gives the feeling of a deck saloon, not a cave. Plenty of LED lighting and 12V/USB receptacles are in every cabin.


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