Corsair Marine 880 Construction Update


While the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to hit shores worldwide, at Corsair Marine we continue to progress our 880 #1 relatively unimpacted by  the pandemic at large. You can read more on the status of the corsair Marine factory here:>>>

In recent weeks , we have made significant progress on 880#1 we have now joined the hull and deck of the main hull, we have all bulkheads fitted, the interior painted, windows and hatches are being installed and we continue to produce all smaller components such as rudders, daggerboard, beams, mast rudder case etc. We have been testing things like the daggerboard trunk, ensuring the board can be easily raised and lowered, we’ve tested the companionway hatch mechanism and we’re now running electrical and plumbing systems.

You will notice the 880 features a recess for escape hatch. Whilst we do not see this as essential nor desirable, this requirement has been enforced by recent CE regulations. We have overcome this requirement by designing a tempered glass smash panel with a safety hammer located inside a safe box. This will enable access through the boat from either side in the event of capsize.

Now that we have the hull and deck joined, we get a good feel for the space inside the 880 and to be candid with you all, we are quite impressed by the space this boat offers. It certainly feels bigger in real life than it looked on paper. As we continue our development we are in constant search of weight saving opportunities and we are optimizing the build through every step. We are after all developing a production line, not just a one off build.

We plan to beam up Hull#1 next week and have already started to laminate the hull and deck of hull number 2 in preparation for full swing production in the coming weeks.

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