Neel 47 Wins 2019 ARC+

The Arc+ fleet left Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on November 10th for the first leg of the rally. It took the Neel 47 “Minimole” only four and a half days to traverse 850nm, being first to drop anchor in the Cape Verdes Islands.

The boats participating in this years Arc+ reset in the Cape Verdes departing November 21st to cross the Atlantic, either landing in St. Vincent or St. Lucia. Taking advantage of the excellent trade wind conditions, the Neel 47 quickly jumped to the head of the pack after being 3rd across the start line.

After 2,122nm, 11 days, and some fantastic trade winds sailing the Neel 47 pulled into Blue Lagoon, St. Lucia. The crew of the Neel reported 15-18kts of easterly breeze averaging 8kts under spinnaker for their final push to the St. Lucia. Not far behind was a Stadtship 54, Catana 65, and a CNB 60.