Putting your boat in a charter fleet

Putting your boat in a charter fleet

Placing your boat in charter makes boat ownership possible right now. Start living the dream today!

The story is all too familiar. You purchase your first yacht. You experience your first week cruising in luxury, night after night watching the sun go down from aboard your new vessel. And then… back to the daily grind.

Though you dream of your next adventure aboard your new boat, it isn’t quite as easy to get away as much as you would like to. Weeks or months may pass between outings. In the meantime your vessel awaits patiently for your return, just sitting there, idle.

Wouldn’t it be great to use that time away to offset the cost of purchasing and maintaining your boat? Just as renting a vacation home can offset its cost, we can do the same for your yacht by placing it in a world class charter program.

Not only can you enjoy cruising in idyllic locations within the safety net of a fully managed charter fleet, but charter investments also offer an economical path toward accelerated boat ownership. By putting your boat in charter, you can enjoy private sailing now!

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Your boat purchase as a business expense


Your boat purchase as a business expense

Reduce the cost of ownership by offsetting the purchase costs and deducting your boat as a business expense while creating a hassle-free revenue stream.

  1. Substantial tax deduction

    Under Section 179 a boat owner can claim the vessel as a business expense in the tax year it was placed in service when using it more than 50% for business.

  2. Annual tax deductions

    Deduct your charter related expenses including insurance, repairs, loan interest, property tax and fees.

  3. Professional maintenance and cleaning

    By putting your boat in a charter fleet, you can guarantee in will be regularly clean, inspected and professionally maintained, leaving you without the worry and hassle of managing upkeep.

  4. Make money

    Receive a percentage of the revenue from the charter usage of your boat.

Purchase a new build for charter management

Sailing catamarans are rapidly becoming the most popular type of charter vessels in the world. Seawind Catamarans are a great choice for charter fleets due to their robust designs. These new build catamarans will continue to be great cruising boats after their initial charter life and will show a strong resale value as a result.

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