Seawind 1190 Sport

Seawind 1190 Sport
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The high performance Seawind 1190 Sport can be handsomely delivered for less than $500,000 USD.

The Seawind 1190 Sport Catamaran unlocks the full performance potential of the award winning and recognizable 1160 design. Built lighter, stronger and more powerful with a larger sail plan and lifting carbon daggerboards tucked below deck. Carbon is used in the layup of the crossbeam and Targa bar to add stiffness and reduce weight. Two 20hp outboard motors replace the standard heavier diesel motors and sail drives, saving weight. The motor drives push button tilt lifts the entire drive out of the water to eliminate drag and minimize draft to an astonishing 1′ 9” with all the boards up. The displacement to length ratio on the Seawind 1190 Sport comes in at a unbelievable 136 (the competition range from 171 to 191 with the Lagoon 39 coming in a 5 tons heavier and at 211). Lighter boats are more easily driven and therefore more fun to sail.

“If I were going to consider a multihull, this is one of the boats I’d look at for sure. … It would be a lot of fun, a lot of fun. I mean, that’s a great couple’s boat.”

– Ed Sherman, Curriculum director for American Boat & Yacht Council and Cruising World’s boat of the year judge

Seawind owner and Aussie sailor Richard Ward discusses the Seawind 1190 Sport

Key Features on the Seawind 1190 Sport:

  • Daggerboards
    • Less drag than mini-keels (7m3 reduction in wetted surface area)
    • Higher pointing ability (5-7 degrees)
    • Shallow draft (17.7inches or 450mm)
    • Lighter construction (
  • Dagger style high aspect retractable rudders
    • Reduced drag
    • Improved performance
    • Positive helm feedback
    • Shallow draft
    • Beaching ability
  • Carbon reinforced forebeam and targa arch.
    • Stiffer construction
    • Reduced weight
  • Carbon bowsprit.
    • Stiffer / lighter construction
  • Double spreader tall Mast
    • Ability to carry larger sail area
    • Improved sheeting ability
  • Performance Sails
    • Light weight aramid cloth reducing weight aloft
    • Improved sail shape and performance
  • Construction weight reduction of 600kg (compared to Seawind 1160)
    • Improved power to weight ratio
  • Outboard engines
    • Significant weight reduction
    • No drag when sailing
    • No growth on legs
    • No electrolysis
    • Low maintenance & low replacement costs
    • Fuel stored external to the cabin
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