Shannon 38

Shannon 38

‘Mai Nu Toi’ has been with one family since her first splash! Lovingly cared and maintained after, this classic beauty is fully modernized and will gather a crowd at any marina where she is moored.


“Walter Schultz (the designer and builder of this beautiful boat) is one of the last of a wonderful breed-the complete boatbuilder. He designs boats, invents rigs, invents hull shapes, and then, unlike most others who work only on paper or computer, he takes saw and rasp and builds a half-model. And then he builds the real boat-always interesting and invariably one of the world’s best yachts.  . And like so many Shannon ketch owners today, you too will fall in love with this stunning yacht.”                                                                       ~THE WORLD’S BEST SAILBOATS, VOLUME II. BY FERENC MATE

Price: $80,000

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