Surprising and innovative.

The latest Lombard-designed addition to the range is even more innovative and impressive, and with a marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials, NEEL-TRIMARANS has confirmed its determined commitment to respecting the environment.

The NEEL 43 is a trimaran that is both fast and safe, yet easily manoeuvrable by a small crew. Its handling at sea, coupled with its performance and comfort levels are outstanding.

The helm station is especially ergonomic, offering a triple seat, it is accessible, from the cockpit or from the deck. The Cockloon® effect can be appreciated thanks to the wide opening between the cockpit and the saloon.

Neel 43

The NEEL 43 is one of those rare boats that defies both expectation and easy classification.

The distribution of volumes, flow of movement and luminosity make this new interior a truly unique living space. There are two double cabins, and the configuration of the saloon can be rearranged to sleep up to 4 people.

The NEEL 43, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is both fun at anchor and efficient at sea. Life on board the NEEL 43 is definitely synonymous with pleasure and holidays with a  saloon and a cockpit which communicate easily and which form the famous Cockloon®.

Neel 43 Specifications


The NEEL 43 offers the right balance of interior comforts and safety at sea.

  • Overall length 43 ft
  • Overall width 24,60 ft
  • Draft 4,95 ft
  • Air draft 62 ft
  • Displacement 9T
  • Full battens mainsail 630 sq ft
  • Furling genoa 466 sq ft
  • Water 132 US gallons
  • Fuel 80 US gallons
Neel 43 1.0


Lean into adventure with a NEEL TRIMARAN—a revolutionary balance of responsive sailing and modern comforts that’s fast enough to take your breath away.

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